Emilia Personal Care Speaks At CDMA Conference

Emilia Personal Care Speaks At CDMA Conference

Posted by Media Officer in Company News 15 Apr 2015

Private Brand manufacturer Emilia Personal Care was chosen to present at the recent CDMA Show in Tampa, Florida as part of the Private Label Enrichment Program and Store Brand Forum.  Members of CDMA handpicked the key players supporting CDMA’s focus on their latest brand launch, Awaken by Quality Choice. Renee Barch-Niles, President of Emilia Personal Care, was selected to contribute to the discussion surrounding the growth and strength of CDMA’s private brands.


Renee Barch-Niles

Renee Barch-Niles – President of Emilia Personal Care

As part of CDMA’s discussion, the launch of their new skin care line, Awaken by Quality Choice, was introduced to buyers and wholesalers from drug, grocery and convenience store chains. Barch-Niles presented findings on the overall market place, consumer trends on aging and product usage and insights. Kim Leach, Director of Private Brands at CDMA presented the refined methodology of their brand development approach that resulted in delivering over 70 new items to CDMA members under the Awaken brand. Suzy Silvestre, Director of Marketing at CDMA spent time educating on the multitude of tools that CDMA developed to help market the brand and assure consumer awareness. And finally, Lisa Mitchell, Store Brand Assistant closed with a focus on high-quality execution at store level.




“There is a tremendous opportunity for well-developed HBC private label brands in the U.S.,” noted Barch-Niles. “Private brand share for total HBC in 2014 was 17.1%. Skincare is only at 8.4% thus the opportunity gap in skin care alone is over $300M dollars. Closing this gap is achievable as you consider that baby needs, the most sensitive of all private label categories, is already surpassing that figure at 17.8% penetration while feminine needs are almost a quarter of the entire category at 22.9% private label penetration. Another opportunity is Independent drug chains as there are over 23,000 of in the US and they dispense nearly 40% of all prescriptions today. They are a significant force to be reckoned with and can significantly impact ancillary purchases like anti-aging products during these stores visits.”


“Awaken by Quality Choice is the next generation of private label. Our goal was to deliver the highest quality products in beautiful, functional packaging that speaks to the modern woman. We are offering our customers the opportunity to grow their beauty shopper consumer base in order to drive meaningful sales and long-term consumer loyalty,” stated Leach.


“We are a proud manufacturer working in partnership with CDMA to bring this high quality product line to the market place and believe they have a best-in-class program that will drive outstanding consumer value,” added Barch-Niles.


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