Niche “Treasure Hunt” type ranges will drive store-brand growth in the hair care category.

Posted by Media Officer in Company News, Hair Care 21 Dec 2014

While NBE store-brand hair care products have shown declining sales over the past 52 weeks, the opportunity for growth lies in creating differentiated lines that have a distinct value proposition to the consumer.

“Nothing is as powerful as a brand that is either niche or exclusive to a retailer once you have the shopper hooked,” commented Rene Barch-Niles, President of Emilia Personal Care, in a recent article “Hanging on by a hair”  that was featured in Store Brands.

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Instead of creating NBE products that simply don’t resonate with shoppers in this category, retailers would do better to bring in a niche “treasure-hunt” brand that is relevant to its consumers’ needs and then “get behind it” with promotions, trials and sampling, says Barch-Niles.

Based on market studies, Emilia has developed a number of innovative ranges that solve specific problems for consumers, including both thinning hair and the difficulty  in coping with coloured or chemically treated hair. For more information on these ranges, please use the contact form to reach out to our sales team.

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