We’ve been developing sun care ranges for private label, contract manufacturing, and brand owners for over 40 years,

so we know what works in sun protection. We listen, we learn, and we create something unique for each client. If you’re planning a sun care product update or have a bright new idea, get in touch and place your product in our safe (and well sun-protected) hands.

At Emilia, we begin by listening to each client’s needs and desires;

we take time to understand who they are trying to reach and why.

Trend intelligence is our thing,

so we have a dedicated, in-house marketing team. When clients approach us with a great idea, we research feasibility using trend analysis. Using reliable data, we help our clients to make informed decisions by presenting current market figures. We create these based on each client’s target geographical locations, answering crucial purchase drivers such as “what influences customer buying choices”. We gather a complete image of what attracts buyers to sun care products by researching their reasons for purchasing (e.g. key benefits, SPF efficacy, texture, sensoriality, fragrance, brand…). Whether creating an entirely new sun protection range or updating a well-known brand, we start by ensuring we know the facts.

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We’re always full of bright ideas, but we want every client journey to be a fusion of creativity. Rather than giving our clients some product concepts to choose, we work together to create something individually adapted to their target market. Every new concept tailors to market demand, but what we really love focusing on is formulating sun care products that not only protect but feel amazing too. We want sun care users to feel really good about themselves.